Swienerfest Tour 2012

Ayda Field

 Get on the bus!


Ayda Field

Swieners is taking San Diego by storm this Oktoberfest and would love you to join in the fun.  Catch us at the following stops on our “Swienerfest Tour 2012.” Family festival? Local brewery? Local  winery?  We’ll be there servin’ up some Swieners.  Will also have some sauerkraut and brats, pretzels, and Swiss apfel streudel.  Yodelicious!

Swienerfest 2012 Tour Dates:

September 27 at Ballast Point

September 30 at Green Flash

October 5, 6, and 7 at La Mesa Oktoberfest

October 6 at Eleven (inconjunction with brew hop tour Hamilton’s, Small Bar, and Monkey Paw)

October 7 at Hillcrest Hoedown

October 10 and 11 at Orfila Winery

October 12 at Iron Fist

October 20 at Vista Classic Blues and Craft Blues Festival

October 20 at Aztec

* check back for additional Oktoberfest dates…




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