The Swieners Story

Swieners – The Big Cheese And The Co-Cheese
Amanda & Nico Caniglia

We all know I do the talking, so let me give you the 411 on how we got started.

After listening to Nico rave about the wieners* he grew up eating in Switzerland, I was stoked when he decided to put his money where his mouth was.  He wanted to serve bomb ass, authentic sausages in fresh baguettes.  Would I help him build the company?  Fo’ sho’.

We got together with about 25 international  friends and family, and asked them to be our taste testers.  You should have heard some of the ideas and names we came up with.  The “Magnum” Swiener, the “Yodeler”…  In the end, it was the creation of adding the melted Raclette cheese from the Swiss Alps that really made our wiener, well, a Swiener.

We got our first chance to sell our Swieners at December Nights.  When people walked away super satisfied with their product, claiming they had a new word “Swiener”, we knew that our instincts and hard work had paid off.

As we always say, “Once you taste our Swiener, you’ll never want another wiener!”

Amanda Caniglia

the co-cheese


*wiener= Swiss word for  hot dog